Pediatric Emergency Medicine Competencies now available in the eField Note System

Posted on Friday, May 17, 2019

Through discussions between Family Medicine and the Pediatric Emergency Medicine initiated by Dr. Denice Lewis, the evaluation of competencies in Pediatric Emergency Medicine for family medicine residents have been added to the eField Note system to ensure these competencies are effectively captured. The new “Emergency Room Care” sub-component can be found under the “Care of Children & Adolescents” Curriculum Domain (see below).

Curriculum domains in eField Notes

Selecting this component expands an evaluation rubric of six primary competencies specific to Pediatric Emergency Medicine, which are identical to those found in the Family Medicine ITER for Pediatric Emergency Medicine (see below).

Competencies in Pediatric Emergency Medicine

A new report also available in the eField Note system, “Pediatrics ER (Report on Individual Resident)”, summarizes all eField Notes created for Pediatric Emergency Medicine, which can easily be transposed into the appropriate ITER, including the narrative comments (see below).

List of reports

Next steps will include updating the Pediatric Emergency Orientation, and ensuring that all Pediatric Emergency Staff are informed of the new process. Questions? Contact our Evaluations Coordinator at

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