Postgraduate Education Updates

Posted on Friday, May 11, 2018

CFPC Exam – Well Done to our residents!

A big congratulations to all residents who wrote their certification exam with the CFPC during April. Well done!

FMRSP – Thank you to all those involved!

Congratulations to all graduating residents on submitting your FMRSP Final Reports We would like to extend our thanks to the DFM faculty for all the support they have given to our residents during the FMRSP process including FMRSP supervisors and FMSRP Final Report Evaluators. Your work is crucial to the success of the FMRSP program.

CaRMS Advisory Group – We want to hear from you

We are looking to reawaken the CaRMS advisory group to help with possible changes for the upcoming cycle of CaRMS dossier reviews and interviews. The commitment would involve participation in a small handful of meetings. If you are interested please contact Chandra for more information.

RIO Day – Scholarly Coffee Break

Are you a resident or faculty with a previously made scholarly poster that you would like to showcase during this year’s RIO Day? During the lunch hour of our upcoming RIO Day we will host the third annual Scholarly Coffee Break and would love to have you participate! Submit your name and poster title to Chandra.

QI Reports – Congratulations and Thank You!

Congratulations to all PGY1s who successfully submitted their QI Reports! We saw a commendable submission rate of 98% and are overwhelmed with the quality of the projects.  A huge thank you to all our QI Unit Leads for their rigorous evaluation of these projects.

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