Reflecting, listening and acting – next steps for the new uOttawa and ISM Chair in Family Medicine

Posted on Thursday, March 11, 2021

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Dr. Lise Bjerre, the new University of Ottawa and Institut du Savoir Montfort Chair in Family Medicine, presented at the DFM Virtual Forum on January 20 on the importance of this new role and her vision for what comes next. Following introductions from Dr. Clare Liddy (Chair of the DFM), Dr. Josette-Renée Landry (CEO of Institut du Savoir Montfort (ISM)) and Marc Villeneuve (President and CEO of Fondation Montfort), Dr. Bjerre highlighted the value of primary care in our healthcare system, emphasizing the need for rigorous research in this field. Traditionally an underfunded and under-resourced domain, primary care research is essential to improving population health for all, enhancing the patient experience, optimizing resources and contributing to a positive workforce experience for primary care providers (also known as the quadruple aim framework). Perhaps surprisingly, Dr. Bjerre joins only two other Chairs in Canada who are dedicated to primary care research, with one of these positions currently in the process of being filled with its first Chairholder.

Word cloud of Chair's objectives

A word cloud of the expectations and activities of the new uOttawa and ISM Chair in Family Medicine.

The new Chair will actively support the strategic objectives of the DFM, ISM and Fondation Montfort, and will play a pivotal role in building primary care research capacity through rigorous, relevant and innovative health services research. During le Mois de la Francophonie, we highlight and celebrate our region’s Francophones, which also serves to remind us of the many disparities that persist in our communities. The DFM has a vision of improving primary care for all Canadians through our work in medical education, research and advocacy. In particular, the inclusion, support and advancement of our Francophone members and communities is a source of pride and strength in our department. This is well aligned with ISM’s vision of knowledge creation and transformation to improve the health of French-speaking Canadian communities, which in turn benefits all Canadians. The Fondation Montfort supports ISM in fulfilling its vision, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that patients and their loved ones have access to the care and services they need. In this new role, Dr. Bjerre will advance the strategic visions of all of its partners, through knowledge creation and translation in community health, while focusing on underrepresented populations, notably Francophone communities in minority contexts and rural populations.

The importance and need for this exciting new role are clear – so, what’s next for Dr. Bjerre? The first step is to reflect on and define specific priorities to develop a strategic action plan that will serve to guide the Chair’s efforts. The success of this role will depend on a strong network of clinicians, researchers, administrators and patients to generate ideas and provide support. An advisory board of diverse stakeholders, including patients, will also be created to inform the Chair’s activities.

Do you have ideas for the Chair, or are you interested in learning how you can get involved? Dr. Bjerre welcomes your questions and ideas at

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