Shake Your Atoms: Faculty of Medicine Gala celebrates excellence in research and education

Posted on Friday, October 18, 2019

Author: Marketing and Communications

Faculty of Medicine gala 2019

With a quirky theme inspired by the periodic table of elements, the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine celebrated the achievements of its learners, researchers, educators and staff at a gala held during Homecoming Weekend on October 5.

The sold-out event brought together the Faculty’s vibrant community of students, residents, faculty members, support staff and alumni for an evening of classic dining, music performances and dancing.

Dr. Bernard Jasmin, dean of medicine, also conferred several awards and recognitions throughout the evening—the Outstanding Leadership Certificates, the Research Day Awards and the Faculty of Medicine Awards of Excellence—all of which recognized the incredible work being done at the Faculty.

“We thrive because our community is large enough to harbour world-renowned areas of excellence, while at the same time being small enough to allow partnerships at all levels to flourish,” said Dr. Jasmin, who added that he is both incredibly privileged and deeply humbled to serve as dean of this Faculty.

The celebratory evening was co-emceed by Dr. Ali Jalali, assistant dean (interim) of External Relations, Engagement and Advancement and Nicole Travis, president of the Translational and Molecular Medicine Student Association.

Rotating slide shows at the gala also highlighted the success stories of the Faculty’s various departments and offices, showcasing the numerous strengths at every corner of this diverse and multidisciplinary community.

As a whole, the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine is consistently ranked #2-3 for research intensity medical/science grants; #36 for public health in the world; and in the #51-75 category worldwide for clinical medicine.

Visit the Faculty of Medicine’s Flickr account to view the gala photo album.


Dr. Clare Liddy receives award from the Dean of the Faculty.

Clinical Researcher of the Year: Dr. Clare Liddy

Kim Rozon receives award from the Dean of the Faculty.

Outstanding Service Award for Support Staff: Kim Rozon



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