Dr. Doug Manuel MD, MSc, FRCPC


Dr. Doug Manuel MD, MSc, FRCPC
Clinician Investigator

Room: Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, 501 Smyth Road
Office: 613-761-4295
Work E-mail: dmanuel@ohri.ca

Dr. Doug Manuel


Dr. Doug Manuel is a Medical Doctor with a Masters in Epidemiology and Royal College specialization in Public Health and Preventive Medicine. He is a Clinician Scientist at the Bruyère Research Institute and Professor in the Departments of Family Medicine and the School of Epidemiology, Public Health and Preventive Medicine at the University of Ottawa. He is also a Senior Scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and a Senior Medical Advisor for Statistics Canada. Dr. Manuel has been a primary care physician for 25 years, serving rural, remote and underserviced populations across Canada. His current practice is with refugees at the Ottawa Newcomer Clinic.

Fields of Interest

  • Population health impact
  • Assessment of interventions
  • Assessment of population health status using ICES health databases
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