Quality Improvement

A family medicine resident presents his QI project

Resident QI Project

The goal of the Quality improvement resident project is to build skills in reflecting on the quality of care provided, identification of “gaps in care” and testing improvements - all in the resident’s home clinical setting. The Quality Improvement project is part of the Family Medicine Residency Program and is a requirement for graduation from uOttawa.


Supporting your resident with their QI project
  • Reflect with your resident on “gaps” in patient care you have identified (ie: where are you trying to improve what you do?)
  • Get your resident to do their QI project on an area where you need help!
  • A near miss/medical error is a great opportunity for resident learning about how the “system” in your practice works and how errors happen and role model a “no blame” culture 
  • Discuss and share data you have on quality of care for your practice (ie: pap rates, Ministry reports, billing data, patient surveys)

All documents related to the QI project including: instructions, PowerPoint presentations, report templates and evaluation forms are available online on Brightspace.

Need guidance or have questions? Ask our QI leads.

Director of Quality Improvement: Dr. Kheïra Jolin-Dahel: kdahe075@uottawa.ca

Unit QI Leads

Bruyère: Dr. Courtney Maskerine

Primrose: Dr. Erin Stone

Civic: Dr. Moaweya Zayed

Riverside: Dr. Shauna Bassel


Community teaching: Dr. Hanif Charania

Montfort: Dr. Daniel Vincent

Pembroke: Dr. Todd Gauthier

Winchester: Dr. Mohamed Gazarin

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