4th Year Elective

uOttawa's guiding principles in managing home school electives include ensuring equity and fairness among students, offering a diverse range of electives, and providing all students with an equal opportunity to explore their desired disciplines. The Electives Office will be providing you with important information regarding home school electives for 2022/2023 shortly.

Elective dates and durations:

The elective period is from September 5 2022 to February 17, 2023. Your first elective will start on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. Your following electives will start on every other Monday (excluding weeks designated for mandatory selectives, the holiday vacation from December 17, 2022 to January 1, 2023, and CaRMS interviews from February 25 to March 19, 2023).

The AFMC Student Portal & Home School Electives:

uOttawa's Electives Office will be the central hub for home school electives in order  to create a more organized and efficient elective booking process. The main tool that will be used to manage and track your elective requests will be the AFMC Student Portal. Each student will only submit one application. You should be able to submit your application via the AFMC Student Portal as of TBD. There is no fee associated with your application. The Electives Office is working closely with the AFMC to prepare for the opening of the portal to home school electives. Students are not to reach out to the hospital coordinators to secure an elective. This would cause confusion and inequity among the students. More details regarding the application process will follow. Please note that students must still enter electives in their personal CP account for approval once their electives are confirmed in the AFMC Student Portal.

Pre-scheduled electives outside the AFMC Student Portal:

All electives scheduled directly with hospital coordinators will not be granted. You will need to reapply for these through the AFMC Student Portal.

Where to find info regarding home school electives?

The AFMC Student portal is being upgraded, details and links will follow shortly.

Who to contact?

Electives Office: elective@uottawa.ca

Please contact the Electives Office for any questions regarding home school electives.

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