Mini-Med School


Mini Medical School Fall Program 2021

1-Introduction to the heart

During this lecture, we will present the basics of heart anatomy and physiology. This will allow us to better understand the different functions of the heart, as well as heart disorders that can occur.

2- Coronary heart disease: prevention and rehabilitation

Knowing the risk factors associated with coronary heart disease enables us to reduce our chances of being affected. These are relatively well known, but do you know how to manage them? This lecture will give you everything you need to know about prevention and rehabilitation.

3- Coronary heart disease

Angina and myocardial infarction are the cardiac diagnoses most familiar to people. But would you recognize it if it happened right before your eyes? In this lecture, we will discuss why we have heart pain, what the consequences are, as well as common treatments.

4- Heart failure

Often not well known or understood, heart failure significantly affects patients who suffer from it. In this final lecture, we will discuss the whys and wherefores, as well as medical management of this heart condition.


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