Posted on Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Leaders étudiants CNFS-médecine

De g. à d. : Brianna Aboud (MD2024), Kaelan Gobeil Odai (MD2022), Gabrielle Haidar (MD2021), Jina El-Jebaoui (MD2023), Isaac Kim (MD2023), Jérémie Thibault (MD2022), Sophie Tremblay (MD2024)

Did you know that every year, 32 students from Francophone minority communities study medicine in French at the University of Ottawa through the CNFS medical program?

Each year, thanks to the generosity of Health Canada, the Consortium National de Formation en Santé (CNFS) program at University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine reserves eight spaces strictly for candidates originating from a Canadian province other than Ontario and Quebec who wish to study medicine in French. To date, the program has more than 140 graduate physicians equipped to meet the needs of Francophone patients across the country, in all medical specialties.

CNFS medical students at the University of Ottawa are future leaders in Francophonie. Having grown up in Francophone minority communities, they are very familiar with the challenges faced by patients, but also the barriers encountered by their fellow students interested in medicine. With the support of the Faculty of Medicine Francophone Affairs, their outstanding commitment has led to the creation of a brand new CNFS Medical Student Council. In addition to developing leadership skills and representing their home province and cohort, these student leaders are engaging colleagues and innovating to improve the University of Ottawa CNFS medical program in relation to four main strategic pillars: 1) recruitment of potential candidates by serving as role models, 2) peer support and mentorship for those interested in applying to the medical program, 3) enhancement of the CNFS clinical rotation experience, and 4) connectivity and recognition of the large CNFS medical community at uOttawa.

The University of Ottawa medicine program in French is extremely proud of the CNFS program, and in particular the contributions and achievements of CNFS medical students. They are a real community and their enthusiasm for Francophonie is contagious. They represent exceptionally well the present and future of medicine in French in Canada.

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