The wish to bring its own color - Meeting with Dr. Paul E. Beaulé, Full Professor of Surgery

Posted on Thursday, June 16, 2022

Dr Paul É. Beaulé

Dr. Paul E. Beaulé

Orthopedics, to fight the pain of chronic problems

By Claudine Auger

Originally from the very French-speaking city of Quebec, Paul Beaulé did all of his primary education there... in English! "In the 1970s and 1980s, there was a lot of political pressure and my father, a forward-thinking and concerned man, believed in the importance of being bilingual in North America," says Beaulé, who went on to study medicine at the University of Ottawa at a time when there was no French-language program. After completing his residency in orthopaedics, the young specialist went to the United States, to Los Angeles, to further his knowledge in orthopaedic hip surgery. "I have always been fascinated by orthopedic surgery, perhaps influenced in my youth by a family friend who practiced this specialty. I have an analytical mind, but the ability to concentrate on a prolonged procedure... is not in my genes," says the man with the dynamic temperament who prefers action. "I like clear diagnoses, predictable and efficient manual procedures. And it's true that orthopedics is so rewarding: through reconstructions and rehabilitation, we radically change people's quality of life!"

As the orthopedist points out, the hip is the largest joint in the human body, playing a huge role in mobility and quality of life. Hip surgery requires state-of-the-art technology. "It's very exciting," says Dr. Paul Beaulé. "There are young people in my practice as young as 20 years old whose pre-arthritic condition and advanced osteoarthritis are causing serious hip problems. Others, in their forties, have early osteoarthritis. Our interventions allow us to regain the full functionality of the hip," explains the specialist, who continues to undergo extensive training on a regular basis. Another fundamental motivation in the specialist's daily life is the interaction with patients and with his multidisciplinary team. Dr. Paul Beaulé also devotes part of his practice to research and education. "Orthopaedic surgery combines all my passions. When we know that chronic pain is a major problem in the world, especially in aging societies like ours, and that we have solutions, orthopaedics plays a real social role," enthuses the specialist.

A new member of the large Francophone Affairs team, Dr. Paul Beaulé sees this as a continuation of his long-standing collaboration with the Société française de chirurgie orthopédique et traumatique. "I've been a member of SOFCOT since the beginning of my career, it's a great francophone network," he explains, drawing a parallel with Francophone Affairs. A Francophone, a Francophile, Dr. Paul Beaulé has wanted to contribute throughout his career to enriching Francophone partnerships in medicine, research and education. "I come to Francophone Affairs with my roots, with my experiences, I would like to bring my own color and open up other horizons, other perspectives," he says with a sincere enthusiasm. "Ottawa has a wonderful way of combining the Latin and forward-looking spirit of the Francophones with the typical structure of the Anglophone culture, fostering a quality of innovative research. A mix that, with respect and openness, allows for a rich and unique development," concludes this francophone dedicated to the promotion of physicians in their academic role.

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