Cellular and Molecular Medicine

 1) Picture of cells under a microscope – Kidney disease research. 2) Picture of reproductive system cells under a microscope. 3) Picture of a cancer cell under a microscope

The Cellular and Molecular Medicine graduate program is multidisciplinary, focusing on the developmental, physiological, pharmacological, cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the function of organ systems and their associated diseases,

This program of study aims to provide students with a vigorous training in the techniques and approaches used for scientific research in medicine using state of the art facilities and equipment, a strong knowledge base in biological sciences and critical thinking skills through course work, research seminars, and independent in laboratory research leading to a thesis.

Program Highlights

  • Linked with the Canadian Stroke Network and the Stem Cell network
  • Large department with approximately 3 000 square feet of laboratories and common research facilities

Collaborative programs

  • Bioinformatics
  • Human and Molecular Genetics
  • Pathology and Experimental Medicine

Programs Offered in this Discipline

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