MSc With Research Project

The MSc in with research project is a one-year program in biochemistry, cellular and molecular medicine, microbiology and immunology or in neuroscience.

It has been designed to prepare candidates for careers in the biomedical sciences by enhancing competency in biomedical research, including the technology and techniques, specialized knowledge, critical thinking skills, communication skills, and professional skills through course work and participation in biomedical research in a laboratory setting.

In short, students will have to successfully complete 15 units of courses, a professionalism and professional skills course and an 8-month research project in order to meet the requirements of the program. Student must identify a supervisor prior to enrolling.

InformationCurrent MSc students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic may request to transfer to the MSc with research project.
Procedure to request a program modification for students enrolled in the MSc with thesis wanting to change for the MSc with research project.
Frequently asked questions
Information Many of you have written to us for more information. Please consult our support page where you will find answers to all your questions about this program.
Program structure

Expected duration of the program: 3 full-time terms; 12 consecutive months (Fall, Winter, Spring/summer)

  • Term 1: Completion of the following courses:
    • 6 units of 5000- or 8000-level courses from your program (BCH, CMM, MIC or NSC)
    • 6 units at the 5000- or 8000-level from any program at the Faculty of Medicine
    • MED 8166 Professionalism and Professional Skills
    • MED 5301 Seminars
  • Term 2: MED 5900 Research Project
  • Term 3: Completion of MED 5900 Research Project

Admission requirements
To be eligible for admission, candidates must:
  • Have a bachelor of sciences (BSc) degree with a specialization or major (or equivalent) in one of the following areas: biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, physiology, human kinetics (kinesiology), biopharmaceutical or biomedical sciences with a minimum average of 75% (B+).

Note: International candidates must check the admission equivalencies for the diploma they received in their country of origin.

  • Demonstrate a good academic performance in previous studies as shown by official transcripts, research reports, abstracts or any other documents demonstrating research skills.
  • Identify at least one professor who is willing to supervise your research project.
Language Requirements
  • Applicants must be able to understand and fluently speak the language of instruction (French or English) in the program to which they are applying. Proof of linguistic proficiency may be required. Most of the courses in this program are offered in English.
  • Applicants whose first language is neither French nor English must provide proof of proficiency in the language of instruction.

Note: Candidates are responsible for any fees associated with the language tests.

  • The admission requirements listed above are minimum requirements and do not guarantee admission to the program.
  • Admissions are governed by the general regulations in effect for graduate studies.
  • There is only one admission intake per year which is in the Fall.
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