Want to improve your English skills?

Posted on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

OLBI offers advanced English courses for students.

Courses will be offered to students who:

  • do not identify English as a first language and
  • wish to perfect their English language skills by taking advanced-level ESL credit courses (i.e., ESL 2300 level and above).

Currently, students are required to take the Online ESL Placement Test before being allowed to register for an advanced-level English language credit courses (i.e., ESL 2300 level and above). However, many of these students have other evidence of their English language competence that may exempt them from completing the Online ESL Placement Test.

Process to follow in order to request an exemption from writing the Online ESL Placement Test.

Please note that this applies to advanced-level ESL credit courses only (i.e., ESL 2300-level and above).

Once a student is granted the exemption, students are advised to contact OLBI directly for assistance with course registration. If an exemption has been granted, a note regarding the student’s exemption will appear in their student file.

This new policy (May 2020) is intended to facilitate the process by which students can access our courses. Improved access to ESL credit courses can increase students’ performance and chances of success in English language programs, and we encourage you to promote these courses with your students.

Should you have any questions, please contact the OLBI Secretariat at ilobsec@uottawa.ca.

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