Student Testimonials

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Picture of Lorelle Weiss

"The University of Ottawa's Faculty of Medicine has provided me with so many positive experiences in a year. Any administrative questions that I had were answered by a friendly staff member in a timely manner. The quality of the education that I have received has been exceptional. The professors are knowledgeable and very personable.

After two semesters of courses, my knowledge of statistics and epidemiological concepts had expanded immensely and I feel very prepared for a future career in Epidemiology. I have been able to see so much of what the city of Ottawa has to offer with the new lifelong friends that I have made this year at school thanks to the small class sizes.

Thank you University of Ottawa for such a great experience."

Lorelle Weiss MSc

Picture of Chris Cameron

"Given the location in Canada’s Capital Region, the University of Ottawa is very unique in terms of research and government collaboration.

Indeed, for my PhD research, I am collaborating with leading Canadian and international researchers and government agencies. This interaction is helping me refine my research questions and increasing the practical application of my research.

As a result, I was recently awarded the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship by CIHR to support my studies a testament to the excellent research environment offered at the University of Ottawa."

Chris Cameron PhD

"Through uOttawa's Fast-Track Program I was able to go straight to my PhD without completing a thesis, saving me about two years. More importantly, it meant I could continue my research project with Dr. Rudnicki without any disruption."

Will Wang

PhD Student, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

"The MD/PhD program allows me to make the link between the research I'm doing on rare genetic disorders and its potential impact on patients' lives. The clinical experience with patients continually informs my research goals, while the research provides me with a deeper technical understanding of patients' medical conditions."

Jeremiah Hadwen

MD/PhD Student

"I chose to study Epidemiology at the University of Ottawa because it is world renowned for hosting leaders in the fields of knowledge translation and implementation research.

My studies here have provided me with the unique experience of building connections with these global experts and they have guided me on the path to starting my own research."

Tavis Hayes

Graduate Student, Epidemiology

"As a faculty member, supervising graduate students is one of my greatest pleasures and a huge source of satisfaction form my job.

Graduate students and I challenge each other to stay on top of the latest publications in our field of research. I applaud the design creative, well-planned, well-controlled experiments that will add new knowledge tou our understanding of cancer.

Knowing how to sort the important facts from the less relevant findings is a critical skill and watching graduate students learn that skill is very rewarding.

Dr. Barbara Vanderhyden

Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

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