Access Cards

In order to access many areas at the Health Sciences Campus (at Roger Guindon Hall, as well as 600 and 850 Peter Morand), magnetic access cards are required.

In an effort to prevent unauthorized access to certain specified areas in the building such as laboratory facilities, you may need a building access card. Access cards are also required to enter university buildings after normal working hours and on weekends/holidays. Each access card must be programmed to enable specific permissions.

If you require an access card, download Access and Overview for New Personnel form (PDF) to your device to fill it in, print it and submit it. Please note that this is a protected form; you will not be able to print it until all fields have been completed. Once the form has been printed, please bring it to your local admin office. This form is mandatory for all newcomers to the Health Sciences Campus and has multiple purposes. It acts as a checklist for relevant trainings, allows personnel to request access cards and/or keys, and gives personnel an important overview of workplace health and safety protocols.

If you already have an active access card or set of keys and need to request a change to your level of access, please complete the Request for Access Changes Form , by downloading it to your device, filling it in, printing it and submitting it to the same office that you submitted the Access and Overview Form for New Personnel.


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