Keys and Access Cards

New Personnel

All new personnel (Principal Investigators, Support Staff, Students, Volunteers, Research Associates, Postdocs and Technicians) are required to complete and submit the Access form for New and Existing Personnel to either their departmental office, or to the Health, Safety and Risk Management Office. This ensures that we have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding who is working at the Health Sciences Campus at any given time.

The Access form for New and Existing Personnel is mandatory for all newcomers to the Health Sciences Campus and serves multiple purposes. This form provides a checklist for relevant and mandatory training; allows personnel to request access cards and/or keys; and gives personnel an important overview of workplace health and safety protocols.

Please complete the form electronically, print the form, sign it, have your supervisor sign it, and then bring the form to the person in charge of the distribution of keys/access cards in your department or to the Health and Safety Risk Management Office.

Existing Personnel

For existing personnel who have an active access card or set of keys, and need to either request a change to their level of access or add a new access, please complete the Access form for New and Existing Personnel by downloading the form to your device. Complete sections 1 and 3 electronically, and follow the above instructions for printing and signatures.

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