New Students and Staff


New students (honours and co-op), staff (both support staff and researchers (including PI's)), or volunteers have certain training sessions to complete when beginning work. The training ensures that the University of Ottawa fulfills its commitment to creating and ensuring safe working environments for the whole uOttawa community. We recognize that all students or volunteers will not require all of the job-specific trainings, but, if working in a lab, then completing Laboratory Safety and Autoclave Safety is required. Check with your supervisor to see if other training sessions are required as well.

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The Access and Overview for New Personnel form (PDF) is mandatory for all newcomers to the Health Sciences Campus and has multiple purposes. It acts as a checklist for relevant training, allows personnel to request access cards and/or keys, and gives personnel an important overview of workplace health and safety protocols.

Waiver forms are also required for unpaid personnel working at the Health Sciences Campus. We tailor waiver forms to specific situations and we encourage supervisors, students and volunteers to contact the Health, Safety and Risk Management Office in order to start the process of creating a waiver form.

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