Files and Data Management

We offer a variety of file and data storage services to members of the Faculty of Medicine. Our storage infrastructure runs on state-of-the-art technology that is available only at the Faculty of Medicine.

Personal storage

All employees of the Faculty of Medicine are allocated a personal storage drive (H:) with an initial capacity of 5GB. More than 5GB of space is available for individuals requiring more storage. Please request more storage through our online form. All requests over 5GB are subject to approval.

Administrative departments/units

We provide unlimited capacity for administrative departments and units. You may request new file shares through our online form.


All research labs and principal investigators are granted 500GB of space for their research needs. Core Facilities are granted 1TB (1000GB) of initial storage free of charge. More space can be purchased at a one-time fee of $1 per GB. There are numerous advantages to using the storage capacity provided at the Faculty of medicine:

  • Daily "snapshots" of your storage allow you to recover deleted files yourself, from you computer, from up to 3 months ago.
  • Daily off-site backups of your storage in the event of a catastrophic or natural disaster occurring to the Roger-Guindon building.
  • The ability to very quickly expand your storage from 500GB to multiple TB.
  • All your data (whether you have only a few GB to many TB of data) is located in one central location - no need to juggle different hard drives.
  • Your data is secured in our data centre and you control who can access the files over the network.
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