Working at home technology requirements and support

Working from home using your own computer (pdf, 51.3 KB)

Instruction for MS Teams and OneDrive (pdf, 628.26 KB)

Instruction to connect to Pool or Research drive (pdf, 1,559.27 KB)

Instruction for uploading files to OneDrive

Using Teams for collaboration (pdf, 215.05 KB)

April 6, 2020 - Key messages and activities regarding the use of Zoom :

  • Microsoft Teams remains the University standard
  • Usage of Zoom remains guarded and cannot be used for events covering sensitive or confidential information; transitioning to Teams for these types of events is required
  • Zoom licenses recently purchased and managed by Medtech for UG, GS, Dean's Office, SEPH, Strat Plan are configured with the recommended safeguards however vulnerabilities change rapidly and remain a concern – especially as the founding companies are from China
  • Medtech is consulting with pre-existing Zoom license owners (DFM, AF, PG) to ensure optimized protection or to provide support in transitioning to Teams
  • University is expected to publish additional guidelines by end of week

We will perform a migration of all Faculty of Medicine Research data to a new storage infrastructure on March 27 (starting at 8 p.m.) and March 28.

During this period, data stored on R:\ (or \\\Research\name_of_research_group) will not be available. After the data migration, everything should be transparent and you shouldn't have to make any changes to your access unless you are using another access method or path. Please ensure that all of the computers in your research labs and all of your research devices are using the correct access method. You must absolutely use the access through R:\ or \\ Otherwise, please contact us as soon as possible at the following link:

If you encounter any issues, please contact the Service Desk.


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