Strategy and Mandate

(Below is the intended strategy and mandate that is being considered).

The IGHO promotes internationalization at the Faculty of Medicine (FoM) and ensures the sustainability of international partnerships and the Global Health Program through four key areas:

  1. Partnership development support:
    • Support the development of partnership agreement and strategy based on needs analysis, sustainability and mutual benefits;
    • Identify program stakeholders, and guide program development in accordance with project plan(s);
    • Monitor and assess program performance, outcomes and make recommendations to adjust goals and objectives.
  2. International support services: Organizing International Mobility (outgoing and incoming) of participants involved in international partnerships and programs.
  3. Revenue generating initiatives: Identify opportunities for generating revenues resulting in a sustainable international strategy.
  4. Global Health Program (GHP) support: Support Faculty members and Students taking part in Global health activities in low resource settings including education, research, healthcare and capacity-building opportunities, so that these may be carried out in a safe and ethical manner.



Comprehensive internationalization is a commitment, confirmed through action, to infuse an international, intercultural, or global dimension into the purpose, functions or delivery of higher education.

Internationalization shapes institutional ethos and values and touches the entire higher education enterprise. It not only affects all of campus life but also the institution’s external frames of reference, partnerships, and relations.

John K. Hudzik, 2011 - Comprehensive Internationalization: From Concept to Action (The Full report).

Global Health

Global health is “an area of study, research and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide. Global Health emphasizes transnational health issues determinants, and solutions; involves many disciplines within and beyond the health sciences and promotes interdisciplinary collaboration; and is a synthesis of population-based prevention with individual-level clinical care."

Jeffrey P Koplan,et. al. 2009 - Towards a common definition of global health (The Lancet article).

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