Post-Elective Debriefing

Post-elective debriefings are mandatory and allow students to reflect on their experiences and translate their newly acquired skills and knowledge to other students. As well, these sessions enlighten students to how they can incorporate these experiences into future career planning. Ultimately, we hope to share some global lessons learned that can be anonymized to help future students and others undertaking global health experiences.

The debriefing session usually include:

  • a semi-structured objective-based discussion and.
  • a shared narratives based on photos taken by returning students, incorporating a process called Photovoice.

Students will be notified of dates and instructions, once their application for an international elective is approved.


"The post-debrief program allowed me to gain positive closure on my summer elective by discussing and sharing my experience with others in a safe and confidential environment. I personally enjoyed hearing other's reflections and diving into a variety of themes (medicine, research, social inequities, culture and tourism) that highlighted each and every ones trip." – Lucia Chehade, MD/PhD Candidate, Faculty of Medicine

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