Global Health Concentration

UGME Global Health Concentration

The Faculty of Medicine currently offers an optional curriculum aimed at undergraduate medical students. The concentration is an integrated curriculum that transcends cross cultural exchange and fosters international networks.  

The Global Health Concentration is an optional curriculum aimed at learners who wish to pursue further education in global health. The curriculum features learning objectives that center on seven major themes in global health. Students complete these learning objectives through didactic teaching, academic self-study, and experiential learning.   

Note: this concentration is being revised and will be expanded to all Faculty of Medicine learners in fall 2021.   


“This optional concentration is an excellent opportunity for MD students to gain a deeper understanding of underserved and marginalized populations in a global context” — Dr. Melissa Forgie, Vice-Dean of UGME.


Student Testimonial 

''I'm very grateful that I had the opportunity to complete the uOttawa Global Health Concentration. The program was both interesting and relevant, and I would recommend it to any medical students in Ottawa who are interested in global health. It definitely confirmed my love for international and global health, and allowed me to develop a better understanding of the social determinants of health, population health, globalization and human rights in healthcare. The curriculum from this program, combined with my clinical experiences, has given me a strong foundation in global health that I hope to build upon for the rest of my career. I recognize that with the health concerns of our heterogeneous Canadian communities, adopting a culturally adapted, socially accountable approach to medicine is essential. What I've learned from this program will help me become the kind of doctor I want to be." Lissa Bair, MD 2020


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