Global Health Journal Club

The global health journal club is a forum for Faculty of Medicine learners to review global health literature and engage in discussion. The journal club also serves as a component of the Global Health & Social Accountability Concentration (GHSC) where participants receive credit for attending and/or presenting at journal club sessions.

All learners are welcome!

If you are interested in attending or presenting at a global health journal club session, please email the coordinator at


Schedule Monthly/noon hour
Duration of event

50 minutes

  • 10-minute presentation (2)
  • 15-minute discussion (2)
Number of papers presented 2

2-4 learners

(Individual presentation or 2 people co-presenting)

Discussion moderator Director (Global Health Program), or designate

In addition to the traditional journal club format, some sessions may be held as workshops to improve skills in the following area:

  • Presenting academic work
  • Writing discussion questions
  • Leading a discussion


Timing and Schedule

Sessions are normally held the first Wednesday of the month from 12:30pm to 1:20pm (50-minute sessions).


Schedule for the 2022-2023 academic year:

Date Presenter(s) Topic
October 5, 2022 Dr. Manisha Kulkarni, PhD (Director, Global Health Program), Dr. Claire Kendall, MD (Associate Dean, Social Accountability) Introduction and Networking: Concentration in Global Health and Social Accountability
November 2, 2022 Dr. Katherine Muldoon, PhD How to give a good journal club presentation
December 7, 2022 Traditional Journal Club- student presentations  
January 18, 2023 Traditional Journal Club- student presentations  
February 1, 2023 Traditional Journal Club- student presentations  
March 1, 2023 Traditional Journal Club- student presentations  
May 3, 2023 Year end networking Session  

NOTE: Sessions will be held virtually (Zoom).



Journal club participants that attend and/or present at sessions will receive credit toward the Global Health and Social Accountability Concentration.


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