Pre-Departure Training

Pre-departure training is an essential part of international placements. The level of training required will depend on the location to which you are travelling. 

ALL learners at the University of Ottawa planning international travel related to their program must complete mandatory International Mobility Risk Management online modules 2 weeks prior to departure. 

In addition to the online modules, learners travelling to low-middle income countries must complete the following trainings prior to leaving: 

  1. In person or virtual live session : The objectives sought to be covered in this training include personal health, travel safety, cultural awareness, language competencies and ethical considerations. 
  2. Online Educational Module (Available through Brightspace) 
  • Introduction to global health 
  • The ethical responsibilities of global medical volunteerism 
  • A guide to personal safety 
  • The social determinants of health 
  • Cultural competency 
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