uOttawa-SJTUSM Summer School and Joint Intro Unit - 2018

Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

From July 31st to August 24th, 2018 twenty six students from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (SJTUSM) participated in the fourth summer school held by the Faculty of Medicine in Ottawa. The Ottawa-Jiao Tong Summer School was created with the purpose of introducing Chinese students to Canadian Humanities and English language education. The summer school began with an in-depth orientation about uOttawa and its services, a tour of the campus, and information about Ottawa’s main attractions. These students were taught English, psychology, and sociology and anthropology courses by renowned uOttawa professors throughout the month of August. Students also engaged in a photo scavenger hunt where they travelled around Ottawa and took pictures at the city’s most popular sites.

After the culmination of the summer school, fifteen students participated in the Joint Introduction Unit, where, for two weeks in September, they began medical school at the University with uOttawa students.  The program consisted of case-based learning, physician skills development, and unit-directed activities. When asked about his experience, an SJTUSM student commented that “the most impressive part is the 3E principle: Excitement, Engagement and Excellence. This principle pointed out the direction for us to go further in our careers as physicians.”

A highlight of the unit was the indigenous celebration located on Victoria Island, which enlightened the Joint Intro Students about Canadian Indigenous culture. As well, students took part in the Peer Support Program, which is a unique initiative that partners them with uOttawa MD2022 students in order to cultivate lifelong friendships, collaborate on projects, and learn leadership skills.

Throughout their stay, the SJTUSM students were able to completely integrate into the uOttawa community as they stayed at the 90U residence located at the heart of the bustling main campus. They accessed the gym, library, and took part in campus activities to fully enjoy the uOttawa student life. “Everyday we took the shuttle bus between the main campus and the Faculty of Medicine and quickly blended into the local life rhythm thanks to the colorful activities for welcoming new students,” narrated a student on an online thought-sharing platform.

At the end of both the Summer School and the Joint Introduction Unit, students attended a departure reception where they were awarded certificates of completion. Between academics and social activities, the SJTUSM students lived the true Canadian experience and learned many skills that they will be able to employ in China.

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