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The Office of Internationalization (OI) aims to expand and deepen the international engagement of the University Of Ottawa Faculty Of Medicine in medical education and health research. To internationalize the Faculty of Medicine, the OI develops, consolidates and ensures the sustainability of international partnerships and the Global Health Program through: 

  • Partnership and Program Development, in line with Faculty priorities for the internationalization of medical training, research and healthcare, and following a six-step life-cycle approach:
    • Step 1: Build relationships for the establishment of international partnerships at the professor and institutional level;
    • Step 2: Establish agreement and partnership strategy for joint programs based on needs analysis, sustainability and mutual benefits;
    • Step 3: Develop program scope, logic model, performance assessment and risk register; Identify program stakeholders and secure necessary resources;
    • Step 4: Plan and execute implementation project(s) and support transition to dedicated project management team(s);
    • Step 5: Operationalize program in accordance with project plan(s), with dedicated project human resource and support from OI personnel;
    • Step 6: Monitor and assess program performance, outcomes and adjust with partners accordingly.
  • Networking and Coordination, amongst internal and external stakeholders, at different political levels in Canada and abroad, to organize and drive progress of international initiatives and to maintain cohesion in existing programs
    • Faculty of Medicine
    • Affiliated Hospitals
    • uOttawa Central Administration
    • International Partners
    • Government and Diplomatic Corps
    • Other Canadian Universities
  • Organizing International Mobility of participants in international partnerships and programs
    • Outgoing
      • Outgoing Missions
      • Professors and support staff
      • Students and Residents
    • Incoming
      • Incoming Delegations
      • Professors and support staff
      • Students and Residents
  • Marketing and Advancement to ensure visibility and sustainability of the overall international partnerships and global health program
  • International Strategy and Advisory to Faculty leadership and members to maximize success in building partnerships with stakeholders abroad.
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