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The Global Health Program (GHP), formerly the Office of Global Health, aims to foster and support Global Health activities within the Faculty of Medicine in line with the internationalization pillar of the University of Ottawa’s Destination 2020. The GHP strives to provide training as well as support for all our faculty member taking part in international activities in low resource settings including education, research, healthcare and capacity-building opportunities, so that these may be carried out in a safe and ethical manner. The program also helps faculty members in establishing strategic and sustainable initiatives that facilitate the engagement of uOttawa students, residents and faculty with the ultimate outcome of improving health care delivery in Canada as well as contributing to improvements in healthcare in low-resource communities around the world. In addition, the GHP supports international electives in UGME and PGME with pre and post training as well as ongoing support in country during these electives. The Global Health Program provides a hub for communication about Global Health activities throughout the faculty and in the surrounding community, including organizing Global Health Journal Club and the Global Health Listserv. For more information, contact the program coordinator. The GHP works closely with UGME Global Health Interest Group of the Aesculapian Society, including supporting the annual student-led Global Health Conference.

In keeping with our Social Accountability mandate, there is an undergraduate Global Health (GH) curriculum and a Global Health Concentration that is offered to select students culminating in a Global Health certificate.


History of the Global Health Program at the Faculty of Medicine

The Global Health Program (GHP) was established in 2009 as the Office of Global Health to further Global Health activities within the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine by delivering educational programs including undergraduate and post-graduate curriculum development and supporting the initiatives of trainees and faculty. In addition, the GHP assists the University in establishing mutually sustainable and respectful partnerships with international partner academic institutions and NGOs.

In January 2015, the GHP was integrated to the Office of Internationalization (OI) mandate as the OI was being established. Since then, the program’s continued importance to the Faculty community has been manifested by students, resident and professors, in a context where institutional Global Health Programs are in increasing demand and constitute a recruitment factor for medical trainees. The GHP aims to develop, manage and promote opportunities for students and faculty to engage in academic activities in international settings.

If you would like to receive Global Health Program updates and information about global health in our community, please sign up to the global health email list. Send your request to the program coordinator.


Learning about Global Health

Preparing for a Global Health Elective/Experience

  • Pocket Guide for Global Health: Pre-departure pocket guide is a useful resource for those wishing to pursue an international medical placement. This pocket guide is presented to all trainees completing the faculty’s pre-departure training session. For those doing non-health related placements there is a pocket guide for global volunteerism. For more information or to order these pocket guides please contact the program coordinator.
  • Action Global Health Network- The Action Global Health Network (AGHN) is a community for healthcare professionals and students to support collaboration and involvement in global health initiatives with the Ottawa global health community in mind.   
  • Government of Canada - Travel Advice and Advisories-This site is used to determine whether a geographic location is appropriate for a uOttawa trainee to visit for a placement.
  • GHEC Modules 

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