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This fund allows medical students to have access to the student mobility scholarships offered by the uOttawa International Office, and will help to defer individual student debt related to global health electives. The availability of these funds may open Global Health experiences to more students and help the University to build medical global citizens who will graduate with the ability to better serve the needs of the multicultural Canadian population.

Scholarship Details

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must:
  1. be registered full-time in the undergraduate medical program, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa;
  2. demonstrate an interest in global health;
  3. have applied and been approved for an international elective of a minimum of 2 weeks (70hrs) that qualifies as a global health elective as defined by being
    1. in a low income country and/or;
    2. a resource limited region
  4. have completed the elective prior to graduation; and 
  5. be willing to participate in a presentation based on their elective experience, to be arranged by the Global Health Program.

Note: Preference will be given to students showing a long standing commitment to global health or working in areas with health disparity.

Value of the Award:

$1,000 *

Number of Awards:


Frequency of the Award:

Annual, from 2013-2014 to 2018-2019

Level of the Award:


Application Contact:

Global Health Coordinator, Office of Internationalization

Application Deadline:

September 30th, 2018 (4th year students)
May 31st, 2019 (1st and 2nd year students)

Note: An individual student can receive a maximum of two such awards during UGME depending on availability of funds and decisions by the awards committee. Funds will ONLY be available upon successful completion of the global health elective and submission of all post-elective requirements.

* Half of the awarding amount ($500 per student) will be provided by the Global Health Program, and the other half ($500 per student) will be provided by the International Office as matching funds (student mobility scholarship).

Application Procedure:

Applications must be made to the Global Health Program Coordinator after approval of the planned elective through the electives office, and must include:

  1. a curriculum vitae
  2. A description of the applicant’s global health experiences and how this will enrich his/her medical education. The student must demonstrate that their international elective is a global health elective either in a low-middle income country or in a resource limited setting. (max.500 words)


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