Joint Department of Family Medicine

The Joint Department of Family Medicine is a new academic unit created by uOttawa and Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (SJTUSM) that will serve to introduce the Canadian style of Family Medicine in China. Located at SJTUSM’s campus in Shanghai, this is the first Joint Department of Family Medicine between a Canadian and Chinese university. The Joint Department, which is based on uOttawa’s own Department of Family Medicine, represents a substantial step for the establishment of a primary health care model in Shanghai because the discipline of family medicine, as it exists in Canada, is not currently in place in China. The Department of Family Medicine therefore aims to change the delivery of China’s primary health care by introducing this new model in Shanghai.

The Joint Department will be co-chaired by a uOttawa and a SJTUSM professor. It will serve to train Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine (OSJSM) students in Canadian-style family medicine to full residency. To further Family Medicine training, the OSJSM International Family Medicine Clinic was opened in October 2015 and is part of the Joint Department of Family Medicine

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