Student Builder Program

The Student Builder Program enables students to become front-line participants of the Faculty of Medicine’s internationalization efforts by offering studentship projects and clinical elective opportunities abroad that contribute to international partnerships and improve uOttawa’s medical education and research.

There are four studentship positions available each summer. If matched with the position, students will be awarded a $6000 grant to take part in a project abroad for 8-10 weeks. Currently, the Student Builder Program aims to support projects that directly contribute to the Ottawa-Shanghai partnership.

Previous Student Builder Projects

  • Hashmi Syeda S, Bloom L, F Bloom L, Shen Y, Lyu B. Diving into Medical Humanities Curricula Across the Globe: A Medical Student’s Venture for Wellness. Poster presented at: UGME Studentships Poster Session; 2017 September; Ottawa, Canada.
  • Kobza A, Dong Y, Arnaout A. Assessing whether the Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine Diabetes Curriculum reflects the Chinese population that graduates will serve; Is there a match? Poster presented at: UGME Studentships Poster Session; 2017 September; Ottawa, Canada.
  • Wood H, Byszewski A, Lochnan H. Vocation or Job: does identification of Medicine as a calling, predict altruistic behaviour and risk of burnout in medical students at the Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine (OSJSM) partnership. Poster presented at: UGME Studentships Poster Session; 2017 September; Ottawa, Canada.
  • Rivière R, Roy J. A SWOT Analysis of Medical Humanities Programs at Chinese and Canadian Medical Schools from a Western Perspective. Poster presented at: UGME Studentships Poster Session; 2016 September; Ottawa, Canada.
  • Chan J, Zou Y, Wang A, Wei M, Wang D, Wood T, Liu J, Lu Y, Li P. Cross-Cultural Examination of OSCE Examiners. Poster presented at: UGME Studentships Poster Session; 2016 September; Ottawa, Canada.
  • Zhou L, Rivière R, Byszewski A, Forgie M, Lochnan H. Is Artificial Empathy Enough? A Qualitative Study of Chinese Medical Student Perspectives on the Role of Empathy in Medicine. Poster presented at: Canadian Conference on Medical Education; 2017 April; Winnipeg, Canada.
  • Bocock M, Walker M, Osmond M. Xinhua Hospital, CHEORI, and OHRI Joint Clinical Research Unit: A SWOT Analysis. Poster presented at: UGME Studentships Poster Session; 2016 September; Ottawa, Canada.
  • Ng K, Soares C, Hu J B, Yang F, Gendron-Rossignol J, Wang Y. Pioneering International Collaboration in Medical Education: the Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine (OSJSM) Student Builder Program. Poster presented at: Canadian Conference on Medical Education; 2016 April; Montreal, Canada.
  • Soares C, Hu J, Ng K, Yang F. Pioneering International Collaboration in Medical Education: The Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine (OSJSM) Student Builder Program (SBP). University of Ottawa Journal of Medicine. 2016 Nov 30;6(2):49-54.
  • Ng K, Gendron-Rossignol J, Meng C, Zhou Y, Kuling P, Wang Y, Delva D. Descriptive Analysis of Patient Experience in Shanghai Primary and Tertiary Care Settings. Poster presented at: North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) Conference; 2016 November; Colorado Springs, United-States.

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Information for Professors

The Student Builder Program provides a unique opportunity for professors and researchers affiliated to the University of Ottawa who are, or who would like to be, involved in our Shanghai partnership.

You are asked to propose a project relating to the Ottawa-Shanghai partnership and to supervise an MD studentship position. The student matched with this summer studentship will then be able to provide you with an extra resource to support or initiate a project in Shanghai. The student can provide initial coordination and networking abroad, undertake exploratory research or identify opportunities for future collaborations, among other possibilities. There are numerous benefits to participating in the Student Builder Program for both supervisors and students. We encourage you to propose a project by following the steps below.

Project Proposal Procedure for Supervisors

You can submit your project proposal at any time during the year. There will be a final call for UGME project proposals in January of every year.

Details of proposal: Projects description forms, which include the project title, a brief outline of the project, the name and appointment of supervisor(s) and contact information, must be sent to the Office of Internationalization.

Purpose of the studentship project: Projects should focus on improving the MD Program, namely by exploring and helping to establish new opportunities for uOttawa students in  Shanghai (e.g. curriculum development, student exchanges, development of family medicine healthcare, clinical research, medical education research, medicine and the humanities etc.). Preference will be given to projects that will directly contribute to the partnership and improve the uOttawa medical education and/or research.

Information for Students

Purpose of the studentship project: Award studentships to MD students who will participate in a summer project as part of the Ottawa-Shanghai partnership.

Application deadline for students: To be announced

Application procedure for students:

The application procedure for the Student Builder Program summer studentship positions will be distributed by the Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) Office, along with other local summer studentship positions, in March via email. Make sure to check your uOttawa email for this year’s opportunities.

*Please note while you are participating in the studentship you will have the opportunity to engage in international clinical electives at Shanghai Hospitals. After you have been matched with your Studentship project, you will be contacted by the Office of Internationalization to organize elective placements in Shanghai.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must:

  1. Be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, a person with the protected/refugee status or an international student;
  2. Be registered as a full-time student to the first or second year of the MD program at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ottawa;
  3. Participate in a summer project supervised by an individual affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa as part of the OSJSM partnership. The duration of the project must be 8-10 weeks (between June and August), 35 hours/week (a minimum of 6 weeks in Shanghai and a maximum of 4 weeks in Ottawa);
  4. Participate in clinical electives at the Shanghai Hospitals, based on student preference and availability at the host departments. Electives will be scheduled around project commitments (e.g. half days in the afternoon) as project objectives are the priority for this scholarship.

Note: It will be expected of the recipient to present a poster of your project at a forum to be held in the early fall following the summer they received the studentship. Recipients will also be encouraged to present their projects at a national or international conference to showcase the benefits of the partnership in improving the uOttawa medical education experience.

Once matched with a Studentship position please follow the instructions on the "Travel Resources" page to plan your travel abroad.

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