1. Candidates who apply for consideration to the MD/PhD Program are required to submit the following additional documents:
    1. Letter of interest or intent focusing on the reasons why you wish to pursue the combined program MD/PhD and stating the area of research that interests you. There is no form or format to follow, we recommend you indicate the graduate program(s) and research topic(s) you are interested in as well as any previous research projects or laboratory experience.;
    2. Two letters of reference attesting to graduate research potential (additional to the documents requested by the MD Program). The two letters of recommendation for the MD/PhD Program may be from the same referees, however copies must be sent separately to the address below. The letters must be from previous science teachers or supervisors and it is recommended they discuss the applicant’s research abilities and/or lab experiences.
    3. CV
  2. The application deadlines are published at the Ontario Medical School Application Service (OMSAS) website under the OMSAS application. The deadline is usually on October 1st preceding the year of admission.
  3. You will not be automatically considered for the MD/PhD program. On the MD application, applicants will have to register their interest in the MD/PhD Program; this will prompt the initiation of the review process by the MD/PhD Application Committee.
  4. All applicants to the combined MD/PhD program must meet the eligibility requirements of both programs. The qualifications of the students admitted to the program will fall into one of three categories:
    1. Students with a BSc Honours;
    2. Students with a MSc degree; and
    3. Students currently in a MSc program.
  5. You do not need a M.Sc. to start the MD/PhD program. Eligible applicants must have a minimum of a B.Sc. Honours (or equivalent) to be admissible to the MD/PhD Program. If selected and invited for an interview by the MD Program Admission’s Committee, applicants to the MD/PhD Program will then have their educational background assessed by the MD/PhD Program Committee for admissibility per the specific requirements of the PhD Program selected.
  6. Students who are already registered in a graduate degree program have to seek consent from their supervisor before applying to the MD/PhD Program. Students who have completed the PhD requirements at the end of Year 4 of the combined program cannot expect to be automatically allowed to return to the MD Program in Year 5 rather than Year 6. (Explanation: The required 3-year period of the core graduate program in our MD/PhD Program is linked to the forecasting needs by Faculty of Medicine for all enrolled medical students at the University of Ottawa and their clerkship rotations during their last two years of undergraduate medical education).
  7. As the MD Program only accepts applicants who are Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents, international students are not eligible to apply for the combined program.  Please refer to the MD Admission Eligibility Requirements website for more details.

You must use one of the following two options to submit your additional documents:

  • Upload them using Secure Application Messaging (SAM)
  • Send them by email to:
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