1. Students first apply to the MD Program as described on Undergraduate website
    • At the time of application to the Undergraduate MD Program applicants have the opportunity to register their interest in the MD/PhD Program, which will prompt the initiation of the review process by the MD/PhD Program Committee.
    • Applicants also submit a letter of interest directly to the MD/PhD Program Committee (see Contact Information) indicating their research experience and scientific topic(s) of interest, and facilitate the submission of their CV and two letters of recommendation from previous science teachers / supervisors to be sent directly to the MD/PhD Program office.
  2. Initial assessment of the application by the MD program
    • The application is first assessed by the admissions committee of the Undergraduate MD Program at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ottawa. Note: Students cannot be admitted to the MD/PhD Program if they have not been successfully assessed by the MD Program during its initial review process.
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