Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, University of Ottawa (2016)
Masters of Neuroscience, University of Ottawa (2019)

Photo of Patricia Burhunduli.


Year of Entry: 2019

PhD Supervisor: Dr. Pierre Blier

Personal Background:

I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario and have completed my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Ottawa (2016). I was involved in my first research project during my final undergraduate year, where I completed an honours project in Human Kinetics with Dr. Kristi Adamo studying the influence of an after-school activity program on health-related quality of life in a paediatric population. This ignited my passion for discovery and led me to continue in the field of research. I explored a number of research fields over the years including cardiac health, childhood physical activity, concussions, psychiatry and mental health. With all this exposure, I grew to love the study of the brain! I completed an MSc in neuroscience at the University of Ottawa (2019) studying suicide and the brain. I plan to continue in the field of neuroscience for my doctoral studies. Aside from academics, I spend a lot of time discovering new restaurants around the city and travelling.

Research Focus:

My doctoral research focus will be on comparing the antidepressant response to intravenous ketamine and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) by evaluating changes in glucose metabolism in patients with unipolar or bipolar major depressive episodes. This is done using PET-MR technology. I also focus on investigating structural neuroimaging correlates of depression and suicide in treatment-resistant depressed patients.

Scholarship Support:

2018 - 2019 Ontario Graduate Scholarship
2018 - 2019 Excellence Scholarship
2018 The Royal's Institute of Mental Health Research Graduate Student Research Award
2017 - 2018 Admission Scholarship
2016 - 2017 - Merit Scholarship

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