Pushpinder KANDA


Pushpinder KANDA
Graduate Program: Cellular & Molecular Medicine

Master of Science, McMaster University (2013)
Bachelor of Science, McMaster University (2010); Honours

Pushpinder Kanda



Year of Entry:  2013

PhD Supervisor:  Dr. Darryl Davis

Personal Background: 

I completed my undergraduate and Master’s degree in Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences at McMaster University. During this time, I worked on developing nano-scale devices to detect harmful pathogens in various biological samples (e.g. blood) and consumer products (e.g. foods, and water). The goal was to develop a small-device which would be cheap, user friendly and easily translated from the lab to real world applications. Translational research was at the heart of my project, and this has carried over to my PhD.

Research Focus:

My PhD Research Focuses on understanding cardiac-stem cells physiology in order to develop a cell-based therapy to treat damaged hearts. Currently, I am working on developing a novel biomaterial used to package cardiac-stem cells in order to enhance cell engraftment once delivered to the heart.

Scholarship Support:

2015 - Awarded CIHR Doctoral Award: Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarships

2014 - Heart & Stroke Foundation Award

2013 - Awarded CIHR MD/PhD Program Grant

Fields of Interest

  • Regenerative Medicine
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