Graduate Program: Biochemistry

Bachelor of Science, University of Ottawa (2010); Honours

Laura McDonell


Year of Entry:  2012

PhD Supervisors:  Dr. Kym Boycott and Dr. Dennis Bulman

Personal Background:

I began my graduate studies in September 2010 as a Biochemistry Master's student at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute in the Bulman laboratory, supervised by Dr. Kym Boycott. As I was completing my M.Sc., I successfully applied to the University of Ottawa's M.D./Ph.D. program in September 2012.  I am now conducting disease-oriented basic science research at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario’s Research Institute.

Research Focus:

Our lab uses high throughput sequencing technologies to identify gene mutations causing rare neurological disorders. These technologies allow us identify novel disease pathways that we are then able to characterize and hopefully modulate.  As I continue research in molecular genetics, I am increasingly motivated by the identification of genetic drivers of disease and the interplay between mutation and human development.

Scholarship Support:

2015 - Audrey J. Boyce MD/PhD fellowship

2015 - CNFS doctoral Award

2014-2017 - CIHR doctoral Award

2013-2014 - Baxter and Alma Ricard Foundation Scholarship

2017 - Baxter and Alma Ricard Foundation Scholarship

Fields of Interest

  • Molecular Genetics
  • High Throughput Sequencing
  • Inborn Errors of Development
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