Andy NG


Andy NG

Graduate Degree: Biochemistry & Microbiology Immunology
Bachelor of Science, University of Ottawa (2008); Honours

Andy NG


Year of Entry:  2010
Year of Completion:  2017
Current Position:  Enrichment Year, University of Ottawa
PhD Supervisor:  Dr. Robert Screaton
Thesis:  Defended September 17, 2015

Personal Background:

I was born in Hong Kong and raised in Ottawa. I completed my undergraduate biochemistry degree at University of Ottawa. I joined Dr. Screaton’s lab in 2006 as a Co-op student and have been performing scientific research in his lab ever since. During my spare time, I like to explore the classical piano literature. My other interests include badminton and volleyball.

Research Focus:

When I entered the lab in 2006 lab, my Research Focus was on elucidating mechanisms leading to efficient insulin production and secretion in pancreatic beta cells. When I started my graduate training, my research topic switched to mitochondrial dynamics. Using genome-wide screening, we discovered a novel protein called TID1 in maintaining mitochondrial health and quality control. In the future, I would like to translate my basic science training into clinical research, such that I can integrate my scientific training with my patient care.

Scholarship Support:

2012-2015 - CIHR – Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship

2014 - Charles Sean Alger Memorial Scholarship

2013, 2014 - James M. Inglis Fellowship for Mental Health Studies

Fields of Interest

  • Mitochondrial Dynamics and Diseases
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