Mission and objectives


To advance understanding of neuromuscular and related disorders and enhance human health through the development and implementation of novel therapies for neuromuscular diseases.



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Lead cutting-edge, world-class research focused on basic and clinical neuromuscular function and dysfunction

Promote excellence in translational and multidisciplinary NMD research 

Unite basic science and clinical researchers to foster valuable collaborations to advance NMD research and to rapidly move promising therapies into the clinic


Provide an innovative and broad-based NMD training program, ranging from basic discovery to clinical application

Deliver a highly-collaborative, exceptional training environment for the next generation of basic and clinician scientists dedicated to NMD research

Connect with patient outreach and other community groups to teach about NMD and the value of NMD research


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Develop solid research networks between University of Ottawa scientists and clinicians and increase the capacity to compete for external research funding

Represent the neuromuscular community within the decision making structures of government and granting agencies

Serve as a catalyst to consolidate neuromuscular research across Canada and world-wide

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