Clinical Training: medical students, residents and fellows

Woman with Test tube

The CNMD is committed to providing an exceptional experience for medical students, residents and fellows through unique research and training opportunities. The Centre provides trainees with exceptional clinical research opportunities and a broad clinical foundation in neuromuscular disease and electrodiagnostic testing.

The CNMD offers a comprehensive training program in neuromuscular disease (NMD), including novel diagnostic techniques such as next generation sequencing and the comprehensive NMD clinics in several disciplines (i.e. Neurology, Genetics, Physiatry, Medical Imaging, Pathology, Respirology etc).

Through the community outreach efforts of the Centre, students will be linked to a number of patient groups, which will provide volunteer opportunities and allow trainees to make a difference in the community while gaining valuable professional experience. Fundraising efforts of the Centre will provide financial support for the recruitment of clinical and research fellows.

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