Graduate Students

The CNMD is committed to providing an excellent graduate student experience through unique research and training opportunities.

CNMD researchers offer a broad-based training program in neuromuscular disease, ranging from basic discovery to clinical application. Through extensive collaborations between laboratories, trainees will be introduced to a variety of research projects using different conceptual frameworks and distinct methodological approaches.

Students from the Basic Sciences will be exposed to clinical research through the Work-in-Progress seminars and will be invited to attend neurology grand rounds, which will provide a unique opportunity for graduate students to gain new insight into clinical challenges and patient care.

Through the community outreach efforts of the Centre, students will be linked to a number of patient groups, which will provide volunteer opportunities and allow students to make a difference in the community while gaining valuable professional experience. Fundraising efforts of the Centre will provide financial support for the recruitment and retention of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and clinical fellows.

A student examines samples under a microscope
A row of graduated cylinders
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