The Monarch Centre

Monarch Synchronized Discharge planning

  • Readiness Based discharge means we work with you to provide smooth transition to life with your baby on discharge from TOH
  • Usual lengths of stay –
    • Vaginal delivery is "one sleep"
    • Cesarian section is "two sleeps"
  • Minimum stay is 6 hours - Monarch allows us to coordinate discharge straight from Labour and delivery Room in some cases
  • With Readiness Based planning you and your baby will only be discharged when medically appropriate and when proper follow up is in place

Postpartum Services at Monarch

  • Monarch is OHIP covered - just like at your doctor or hospital
  • Monarch initial visits are typically 24-48 hours after discharge
  • Typically 1-3 visits - maximum 6 weeks total or shared care 
  • Newborn Assessment, General Health, Weight, Jaundice and hydration
  • Bilirubin Screening and follow up testing performed at Monarch
  • Metabolic and Serious Disease Screening, Hearing Screen (when available)
  • Tongue-Tie Release, Staple Removal and Other Special Procedures
  • Maternal Post Partum Care and Mental Health Screening

Lactation Support

  • Breast Feeding support is provided at monarch by international Board Certified Lactation Consultants 
  • Monarch Patients receive initial Breast Feeding Assessments and Follow-up appointments when necessary - OHIP covered
  • Pump rentals and Lactation Supplies are available at Monarch 

Community Connectivity

  • We coordinate and collaborate with your regular doctor - Family Physician, Paediatrician or OB - to plan your care and appropriate follow up 
  • Monarch helps families without MDs to find Primary Care Doctors in the Community (Family Physician, Paediatrician) - we help you find a doctor who fills your needs 
  • Monarch Links with Community and Institutional partners - eg. Medical Specialists and Consultants, Local Hospitals, Mental Health resources, Home Care and CCAC 


152 Cleopatra Dr., Suite 108, Ottawa, On K2G 5X2
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