Undergraduate Education

Dr. Nika Alavi-Tabari

Dr. Nika Alavi-Tabari

Dr. Nika Alavi-Tabari
Program Director
3rd Year Undergraduate Education Program
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

The mandate of the rotation is to provide Undergraduate Medical Students with clinical exposure to the discipline of obstetrics and gynecology. Problem assisted learning, weekly seminars, clinical/pathology, teaching sessions as well as departmental teaching rounds will be used to ensure the necessary clinical and basic science objectives are filled prior to the completion of medical school training.

The Anglophone Obstetrics and Gynecology rotation consists of 6 weeks of in-hospital and physician office placement, based at the Civic, General and Riverside campuses of TOH, of which their first week consists of academic lectures called Base Camp.

The rest of their rotation consists of:

Community Preceptors (2 weeks) - Students are allocated to follow 1 -2 physicians through their regular working week.

Gynecology (1 week) - Students will gain experience in gynecological oncology, general gynecology and gynecological urology.

Obstetrics (1 week) - Student will spend 1 week in the Birth Unit with hands-on experience following women in labour and performing deliveries and 1 week in the High-risk Pregnancy Unit.

As an option, students can choose to spend 4 weeks in a rural rotation in Ontario, or another Province, working with an obstetrician gynecologist in a small community hospital.

The Francophone Undergraduate Program rotates students for 6 weeks each at the Montfort Hospital.

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