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A Note From A Patient

"I am writing in relation to my patient experience on the Birthing Unit from March 4th to March 6th. From a quality assurance perspective (my professional world), we are often quick to discuss opportunities for improvement and most times for good reason. In the same breath, we rarely take a moment to outline the pearls of our work environment.

First, we want to personally thank the nurses who cared for us.

Second, the resident team, who were fantastic at communicating the plan of care, along with the staff physicians on call. They explained everything and set realistic expectations. Finally, thank you to our Dr. who oversaw my wife’s pregnancy from the early weeks. A pitfall to outlining individuals is forgetting someone, it should be noted the entire team provided us with world class care.

In our fast paced health care world, we sometimes struggle to define “holistic care” in our daily practice. However, it was unambiguously evident that this culture is ingrained within your front line team. They graciously cared for my wife & our newborn Bennett, but it was evident the team wanted to be sure that my questions were answered as well. We want to acknowledge your efforts, and truly thank everyone involved. The team directly made this an even more positive experience!


For all patient related information, please check the Ottawa Hospital, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Newborn Care webpage.

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