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OISB Yearly Report (2013)

The Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology (OISB) was established in 2005 to study topics in systems biology relevant to human health. It was directed by Daniel Figeys, who took the position in 2009.

One of the OISB’s major objectives is training the next generation of systems biologists and biomedical researchers. The core members of the OISB supervise:

  • 53 graduate students
  • 16 post-doctoral fellows
  • 21 technicians and research assistants
  • 27 undergraduate students
  • 2 visiting scientists
  • 1 exchange student

Our facility features an open-concept laboratory space, allowing for increased collaborations between labs. The OISB is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for mass spectrometry, yeast and chemical genomics screening, protein biophysics and fast purification liquid chromatography.

The 15 core laboratories of the OISB have achieved $4,346,170 in operating funds for 2013. Core members have also obtained $688,378 per year in operating grants from foundations including the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

From January 2012 to May 2013 the core members of the OISB published 76 papers. Since the inception of the OISB in 2005, Google Scholar has reported 321 publications, reports and conference abstracts with the keywords “Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology”. Of these, 249 are publications from core OISB members; they have been cited over 3,600 times according to Web of Science.

The OISB has developed strong partnerships with research institutes in China, as well as bilateral connections with institutes in Taiwan and Japan. Members have also collaborated with researchers in the UK, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, the USA and Italy. Since its inception the OISB has been active in organizing annual meetings to establish national and international collaborations.

During the 2012-2013 year, members of the OISB developed teaching material and courses in biochemistry, medicine, physics and mathematics. In the summer of 2012, the Faculty of Medicine also offered a School in Systems Biology, organized by the CIHR Training Program in Neurodegenerative Lipidomics and the OISB. This unique 11-day intensive training received positive feedback from the students and will be offered again in 2014.

As part of its mandate, the OISB encourages members to engage all levels of the public to increase awareness of the importance of basic research. Presently, Dr. Kristin Baetz is serving as a board member of the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences, a professional organization for geneticists, biochemists and cell biologists.

Highlights of the OISB’s youth science outreach in 2012-2013 include:

  • A series of mini-labs organized by Dr. Steffany Bennett during uOttawa’s reading week, aimed at underprivileged and underachieving grade seven students.
  • Dr. Laura Trinkle-Mulcahy’s volunteer work at Let’s Talk Science and the Ottawa Science Fair.
  • Dr. Kristin Baetz’s leadership with the Ottawa 32nd Beaver Troupe, where she develops and leads science-based programs six times a year for children aged five to seven.

For more information or to view a copy of the OISB 2012-2013 Yearly Report, please contact the OISB.

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