Food For Thought Lecture Series: Yeast – Helping to Cure What Ales You

Posted on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The OISB is collaborating with the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum on  the "Food for Thought Lecture Series". Over the upcoming year many of our OISB researchers will be providing public lectures at the museum on how they are using systems biology in their innovative research programs.  These talks are targeted for high school students and anyone with a curiosity about science!

The first lecture on Saturday October 17th at 10:30 am will be by Dr. Kristin Baetz:

Yeast - Helping to Cure What Ales You.

Some consider Saccharomyces cerevisiae, better known as Yeast, the first domesticated animal. Humans have been culturing this simple single cell organism for thousands of years to make bread, wine and beer. If that isn’t reason enough to love yeast, it is also a powerhouse for biomedical research. Come on out to the Museum for a talk by Dr Kristin Baetz from the University of Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology to learn how yeast has gone from the brew kettle to the test tube. Her talk will highlight how yeast and cutting-edge “OMICs” technology is being used in her lab to unravel the mysteries of cancer and neurodegeneration. Talk will be followed with hands-on demonstrations of yeast genetics. Yeast really is helping to cure what ales you! Just another reason to love yeast.

Hope to see you at the farm!  

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