Marjorie Brand and Marceline Cote awarded CIHR Project Grants

Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Marjorie Brand Headshot

Marjorie Brand



Marcelin Cote Headshot

Marceline Cote


Congratulations to Drs Marjorie Brand and Marceline Cote for eachb being awarded 5-year CIHR project grants.  Dr. Cote's work will focus on how Ebola and Marburg viruses enter cells while Dr. Brand's work will begin to decipher how leukemia's acquire resistance.  

Interested in joining Drs Brand's or Cote's outstanding research teams?  Learn more about Dr Brand's and Dr Cote's new projects and contact them directly!  OISB researchers are always looking for new trainees and staff.   

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