New Hires and Trainees

Health and Safety Requirements

Welcome to OISB!!  All employees and trainees are required to mandatory training.  Please check with your supervisor or lab manager as to the training requirements for your lab.  All information can be found at:

  • Choose: New Students and Staff…this gives you the list of training workshops offered.
  • At the bottom of the page (under FORMS) is a link to the form – Access and Overview for new Personnel.  This form must be completed and signed by you and your supervisor in order to gain access to lab.
  • Submit the form to the OISB administration office (with the exception of CMM trainees, you must submit your form to the CMM administrative staff).

Conference Travel Guide

It is important for you to get pre-approval for travel of any kind.  You may also ask for an advance to cover upfront expenses such as, flights, train and/or registration.

  • Completion of the Pre-approval of Travel Expenses form must be submitted 2 weeks BEFORE travel; the form can be found at:
  • Obtain a FOAP from your supervisor
  • Complete the form with required signatures and submit to the Administrative Personnel in room 4510.

The OISB Administrative personnel will obtain a PO# from Finance and will email you a copy of the form with the PO#

Conference Travel Grants

You may also apply for a Travel Grant with the Graduate Awards Office if you are presenting a publication/poster and if you qualify as per the requirements listed on the Graduate studies website.  The application must be completed at least 2 weeks BEFORE your intended travel.

Information and application can be found at:

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