Faculty Members and Roles

Our eyes provide us with the wonderful view of our world. Using sophisticated technology and the latest in diagnostic techniques, comprehensive and sub-specialist ophthalmologists at the University of Ottawa Eye Institute work to maintain the health of the eye, and to diagnose and treat ocular disorders at the earliest possible opportunity.

A comprehensive team deals with a wide variety of ocular problems ranging from infections of the external eye to very serious diseases that can affect ocular structures. Because of the diversity of ocular problems, ophthalmologists work with other sub-specialists to solve complex problems. This team approach helps ensure that Eye Institute patients receive the most effective and advanced treatment for any eye disease.


Clinical Specialties

Dr. Danah Albreiki

Neuro-ophthalmology • Strabismus

Dr. Kashif Baig

Cornea • External Disease • Anterior Segment Surgery

Dr. Seymour Brownstein

Ophthalmic Pathology

Dr. Ralf Buhrmann

Eye Physician & Surgeon • Glaucoma

Dr. Michael Dollin

Retina Specialist

Dr. Annick Fournier

Pediatric Ophthalmologist • Adult Strabismus

Dr. Steven Gilberg

Oculoplastic Surgery

Dr. Chloe Gottlieb

Uveitis and Medical Retina

Dr. Bernard Hurley

Retina Specialist

Dr. W. Bruce Jackson

Cornea • External Disease • Refractive Surgery

Dr. David R. Jordan

Oculoplastic Surgery

Dr. Brian C. Leonard

Retina Specialist

Dr. Garfield Miller

Glaucoma • Cataract and Anterior Segment Surgery

Dr. George Mintsioulis

Cornea • External Disease • Refractive Surgery

Dr. Michael O'Connor

Pediatric Ophthalmologist • Comprehensive Adult Ophthalmologist • Strabismus • Cataract Surgery

Dr. William Rock

Comprehensive Ophthalmologist • Glaucoma

Dr. Setareh Ziai

Cornea • External Disease • Refractive Surgery

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