OSSC & Surgical Training

The University of Ottawa Ophthalmology Program introduces early surgical experience to its residents via the Surgical Simulation Centre to ensure that each resident is extremely well trained surgically before entering the OR. The Ophthalmology Surgical Simulation Centre (wet lab) offers the residents a place to learn and practice surgical procedures with the pig eye model developed by one of our staff physicians. In addition, the residents have access to the state-of-the-art EYESI simulator.


Dr. Ralf Buhrmann, Director of the Ophthalmology Surgical Simulation Centre has developed superb hands-on training programs for the residents such as: Introduction to Microsurgery Course (basic suturing); Basic Cataract Surgery Course; and Advanced Cataract Surgery Course.


Junior training years (PGY2/3) focus on developing surgical skills in paediatric strabismus surgery (CHEO), as well as oculoplastics and orbital surgical cases. Senior training years (PGY4/5) focus on mastering intraocular surgery, including cataract and complex anterior segment surgery.


Overall, our residents have the opportunity to operate with 24 different attending staff, which allows exposure to different surgical styles and techniques. Resident surgical training is divided primarily into two separate sites: the Eye Institute and the Riverside Eye Care Centre. As a tertiary-care based center, the Eye Institute exposes residents to more complex surgical cases and procedures, compared to the Riverside Eye Care Centre one of the highest volume outpatient eye surgical facility in Canada performing 9,000 cataract operations and 2,000 retina, glaucoma, oculoplastic, and trauma operations annually.

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