The residents have dedicated research time, a ½ day a week for residents on their Ophthalmology rotations at the Eye Institute and the Riverside Eye Care Centre. There is also a dedicated week for resident week, which falls the week following the OKAP exam, where residents are release from clinics every morning to work o their research projects. The program continues to work with the residents to ensure the have protected time for to do research.

The Departmental Research Day which is now a two day event featuring numerous lectures from the visiting professor and the many research project presentations by the residents, Ophthalmic Medical Technology students and basic science students.

To assist the residents in preparing for their research projects, teaching sessions are given on the Research Ethics Boards application process and a step wise approach to research sessions.


Annual Resident Research Day:

Our Department’s Research Day consists of presentations by the PGY 2, PGY-3 and PGY-4 Residents, the Ophthalmic Medical Technology (OMT) students in their final year, and the basic science students as well as the JD Allen Lecturer, an invited guest.

Each presenting resident can apply for internal funding for their Research Day project for up to $5,800 annually from our Research Day and Department of Ophthalmology Research Fund (DORF) Committees following a set of guidelines, which were established by the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and by our Department of Ophthalmology Research Day/DORF and Executive Committees. Our Department’s Executive Committee provides final approval of the funded projects.

The Research Day is held in mid-May, with an invited guest speaker who generally presents Grand Rounds to the Department and the J.D. Allen named lecture during the early afternoon. About 80 registered attendees, predominantly members from the Department of Ophthalmology as well as other invited guests, usually attend the Rounds and the remainder of the Research Day. The Research Day is followed by a reception where prizes are awarded to the most highly ranked presentations, which are scored and selected by our invited guest with some feedback provided by the Staff Supervisors when this is requested and indicated.

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