OMT Program

Posted on Wednesday, May 11, 2016

By: Carla Blackburn

The OMT program has wrapped up another great year and we are saying goodbye to our graduates Kha Linh Nguyen and Antoine Goulet. The graduate OMT students, Kha Linh and Antoine, will both be continuing their education at the University of Ottawa in the upcoming fall term and working part time through the summer. Both students ended their time in the pro- gram with successful research projects thanks to both hard work and all the sup- port and help from their supervisors. Kha Linh was the recipient of the second prize at research day and Antoine will be presenting his research poster in June at the COS.

The OMT program continues to grow and change. This year there will be a new course offered on diagnostic B-scan and many of you will notice that our students will now have a new logbook to record their time spent in clinic and diagnostics. The program will continue to evolve and grow as we work behind the scenes to comply with a new accrediting body.

The OMT program is happy to announce four new OMT students entering their third year of the program this fall. The program will welcome Karen Liu, Flora Nguyen, Pascale Vezina-Martel, and YuYou Jiang. We look forward to introducing them to you at the end of July when they join us and do the dissection lab with Dr. Jordan. We will also be welcoming back our excellent fourth years: Charles Tran, Lisa Zhang, Natalie Rakocevic, and Nadia Sayed.

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